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Discover Copywriting Secrets For Business Video Marketing

We’re excited about the whole concept of video because it can really showcase your business in just a few words or motions. You can use YouTube and other video social marketing sites to help you and you can put it on your own website as well. This will really make a difference. We’re all about enhancing your business exposure through video and other hot social marketing methods.

I’m very excited to share with you the topic of copy. What is copy? You might have heard a lot of people talk about it. Copy is actually the words on the page; the words that people talk about and use to describe what they are trying to say. They can be on an introductory page, a lead capture page, or some sort of brochure that you pick up in the shops. It could even be on a thank you page. Copy is just composed of the words, but it persuades people to do something, whatever it might be. Your copy or the words tell the reader what to do. You’re basically instructing them to do certain things at certain times, and that’s the beauty of copy. You can do it subliminally, or you can do it so that they know what to do. Really powerful words or copy can make all the difference.

Now this is a broad topic. We can’t get into everything about it, but we can scratch the surface. We can certainly share some great ideas to help you along the way, to allow you to move forward and start creating great copies along the way. You can get good copy, wherein everyone knows what to do and they will be persuaded one way or another to take action with whatever it might be that you want them to do. Bad copy, on the other hand, is where the readers are left confused, emotionally drained, or even abandoned, and they won’t be persuaded to do what you want them to do. So that’s the main difference between good copy and bad copy. Which one would you prefer? I know which one I would like.

Have you ever tried to describe something? Ever tried to paint a picture verbally, where you try to show it to other people without actually pointing it out to them but they know exactly what you’re talking about? Well, you’ll be using describing words, and these are adjectives. They really paint a great and graphical picture and you don’t have to worry about them because people will know exactly what you’re on about. And that’s the difference between copy and great copy. It’s a real difference between describing something and just pointing to it and saying, “There it is.” So what would you prefer? Would you prefer an apple? Or would you prefer a crispy, delicious, red, mouth-watering apple? You can see the real difference there. One is describing, and the other one is really inviting.

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