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The Secrets To Using Your Voice In Your Business Promotion

We will be talking about a very important topic: Your VOICE! In particular, how you use your voice in a promotional video, or to promote your business in one method or another.

A lot of people are a bit scared of using their voice in order to promote their business because they think it might not be good enough or they don’t really like the sound of their own voice. But we’re here to tell you that you have to put all of that aside; that it doesn’t really matter! The point is, you have a voice and people are out there to listen to your message. We have to get over our own little fears and realize that our voice is there to give a message only. If not, then you can always make use of somebody else’s voice. But we’re going to focus on how you’re going to use your own voice and how you can do it well to promote your own business and propel it forward using simple techniques to do with the voice, how to use it, when to use it, and exactly what to do to get it up and running so that your promotional video will move forward. When we’re talking about voice, we have to consider these aspects.

The first thing that we have to look at is that it has to be your own VOICE. As mentioned, a lot of people think that they don’t like their own voice or they don’t like the sound of their own voice. But once you get over your own fear, you’ll realize that you’re not listening to yourself; other people are listening to the methods that you are talking about, and if you realize that everyone sounds different, you should be right. So people are not judging you, they are actually listening to your message.

But you might ask what happens if you don’t have a booming voice or a radio voice similar to those DJs which you hear on the late night shows with really deep and beautiful sounding voices. If you don’t have one of those, well it doesn’t matter. It really is a matter of just being you. Don’t try to be something else and don’t try to be something different. You just need to relax, have a drink of water, and have everything prepared and practiced. Practice what you’re going to talk about. Just remember, it’s your voice and you should be proud of it. When you talk, when you actually use your voice in the video for promotional purposes, you just need to talk as if you’re talking one-on-one to someone else; not to millions or thousands of people, but just to one. Pretend you’re talking to your best friend about your business and how it started. So that’s the aspect of your voice.

The second thing we need to consider is DICTION and how well you sound your words, Read more »

Discover Copywriting Secrets For Business Video Marketing

We’re excited about the whole concept of video because it can really showcase your business in just a few words or motions. You can use YouTube and other video social marketing sites to help you and you can put it on your own website as well. This will really make a difference. We’re all about enhancing your business exposure through video and other hot social marketing methods.

I’m very excited to share with you the topic of copy. What is copy? You might have heard a lot of people talk about it. Copy is actually the words on the page; the words that people talk about and use to describe what they are trying to say. They can be on an introductory page, a lead capture page, or some sort of brochure that you pick up in the shops. It could even be on a thank you page. Copy is just composed of the words, but it persuades people to do something, whatever it might be. Your copy or the words tell the reader what to do. You’re basically instructing them to do certain things at certain times, and that’s the beauty of copy. You can do it subliminally, or you can do it so that they know what to do. Really powerful words or copy can make all the difference.

Now this is a broad topic. We can’t get into everything about it, but we can scratch the surface. We can certainly share some great ideas to help you along the way, to allow you to move forward and start creating great copies along the way. You can get good copy, wherein everyone knows what to do and they will be persuaded one way or another to take action with whatever it might be that you want them to do. Bad copy, on the other hand, is where the readers are left confused, emotionally drained, or even abandoned, and they won’t be persuaded to do what you want them to do. So that’s the main difference between good copy and bad copy. Which one would you prefer? I know which one I would like.

Have you ever tried to describe something? Ever tried to paint a picture verbally, where you try to show it to other people without actually pointing it out to them but they know exactly what you’re talking about? Well, you’ll be using describing words, and these are adjectives. They really paint a great and graphical picture and you don’t have to worry about them because people will know exactly what you’re on about. And that’s the difference between copy and great copy. It’s a real difference between describing something and just pointing to it and saying, “There it is.” So what would you prefer? Would you prefer an apple? Or would you prefer a crispy, delicious, red, mouth-watering apple? You can see the real difference there. One is describing, and the other one is really inviting.

Great copy shows real animation through words. Copy helps Read more »

Recognizing the Different Types of Business Videos

We will look at the many different types of business videos and see what you can apply in your business.

As you’re going through, you’ve got to realize that you’re making a business video, not a Hollywood production. This will showcase everything that you do. You can have little transitions, intro music, pictures, motion, text, and you can even showcase yourself. But it’s most important that you keep it simple. You can be clever, but you need to have a clear call to action. You need to have a direction of where you want your customers to go. We’re going to have a look at introductory videos, lead capture videos, product sales videos, advertisement videos, and training videos. Let’s get into it.

First up, we’ve got Introductory Videos. These are videos where you are saying hello or you are welcoming. You’re not selling anything, you don’t want to sound savvy, and it’s going to go for a short period of time. It is literally just saying hello, welcome to our site, this is what you can get out of it, and thank you for visiting. Basically, that’s what you really want to say. It has to be short, and it’s got to be direct to the point. You can’t muck around and go back and forth with wasteful information. With introductory videos, you’re not actually saying hello to everybody, you’re just saying hello to the customer, the single customer who’s visiting your site. You’ve got to keep it very personal. Otherwise, you will feel as if you are losing people to the masses.

The thing you have to keep in mind with introductory videos is that they should be automatically started or in a prominent position where the viewer can click on it if they wish and click it off as well. It should be sharp, short, and to the point, with a single call to action which is, most probably, “Have a look around our site, welcome, and enjoy what you’re looking for… ” that sort of stuff. No sales whatsoever. It should be purely introductory.

Next on the list, we’ve got Lead Capture Videos. This is where you will ask your prospect to fill in Read more »

Video Marketing Essentials: Business Video Marketing Strategies That You Need To Consider

The Editing Software

This is what you need to look for if you want to do transitions for your video/video clips, fade-ins and fade-outs, cropping, picture and text insertions, audio and picture editing, and music intros. There are many different types of editing software out there which can help you with these. First, we look at transitions.

Transition is the process where you phase or bridge from one scene to another, where you can fade in and fade out, or where a new scene comes in and you can just go straight to the next thing. If you watch television movies or adverts, you watch how they shoot between scenes, wherein first they’re doing one scene and then all of a sudden they shoot to another person or another thing, or they might show text on the screen all of a sudden and then back to a person. Now these don’t have any transitions, they’re clean cut transitions. However, if you transition with some fade in or fade out, or one shoots off the screen and another one fades in beside it, that is called a transition. It helps bridge when you do lots of talking and you have to stop, edit, and you have to start talking again.

Cropping is when you have a large picture and you want to cut it down to a smaller size. The same goes for video. You can crop a large video and make it a lot smaller, you can zoom in to a particular person, or you can zoom out and see a landscape picture in the background. That’s very important because sometimes you need to zoom in to different things and zoom back out. That also works very well when you’re doing screen capture, or when you’re recording something on your screen. Sometimes you want to zoom in to something, especially for small texts, and then you can zoom in to that small text. People can then look at it and then you can zoom back out to the full screen again. You can crop, jump in and jump out, and zoom here and there.

Quick Video Marketing

Inserting pictures is the next big thing with your editing software. You might be filming people in the real world, and then you might want to have some sort of advert popping up in the background or beside you, or you want an arrow to point over something, or a star, or an asterisk, or something to do with another picture right beside your video portrait on the screen. You can add them afterwards, and you can also add text afterwards as well. For instance, if I’m talking to you about some sort of product or some sort of introduction to my business video, then i can have text added across the top of my screen. You just type it in and then afterwards your editing software will make it very, very easy to add to your video. However, it will still depend on which editing software you use.

Another important aspect is that you want to be able to edit your audio. Sometimes you talk, and you make a mistake here and there, and you need to take out some of the audio where you make your mistake, where you’re not quite happy with what you said. So, what you do is, you go into your editing software and you can cut and you can crop out and remove that section of the audio. You can even remove sections of the audio from this point, cut it, move right up to the beginning of it, and change the order of your voice. It is very important that your editing software does this and does it easily. If not, then have a look at some other software because this is one of the fundamentals of editing videos. Your editing software should be able to do some editing of music as well. You should be able to import a music file, a music intro, and a music outtake as well. Some of the editing software that’s valuable is the windows moviemaker for PCs and screen capture editing software like Camtasia, Camstudio, or GIMP. Now you want to be careful of which one you get because you cannot do everything with all of them. Some have certain features and others don’t. Now obviously, the paid versions and Read more »