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Marketing Your Business is imperative – So Do You Need a Website?

A website is your “realestate” online. It’s your piece of electronic marketing billboard and advertising platform that you are totally in control of. Everyone has the opportunity nowadays to get a website setup and customized to their very specific needs.

If you need a website, and don’t have one, then we can help set up your website and customize it to your needs. The thing with websites is that they can be marketed to the world and your customers and prospects using specific tools that will ensure your best avenue to stand out amongst the busy crowd, and your competition.

We offer website creation and development Very Cheap – See More at: www.amazingbusinesswebsites.com/i-need-a-website/
Or even a package !
The best thing is that it is super easy and super fast.

Contact us at http://davidwebsite.com/support/  to get started today Click Here.
If you want other specifics or information – then just include that in the email subject line.

Thanks and Have a Great Day,

David Cummings


PS – there are a number of items to consider when you are getting your own website, like:

About Page – put together a few sentences that best describers you and your business. Keep it simple, and write “as if you are talking to someone asking you, what is your business all about ?” – just tell them.
Privacy Policy: You will eventually gather / collect info about your clients and visitors. It is important to tell them what you are doing online (in terms of data collection) and your privacy policy. (there are standard templates online – so don’t worry about this too much)
Disclaimer: It is important that you have a disclaimer online, basically explaining that any information you have on your website is for information purposes only, and not for advice, basically telling your visitor that you are making no promises that they can hold you to in the future. (once again there are standard templates online – so don’t worry about this too much)
News / information: what you want to tell your visitors and customers. Any latest business news, products, services etc. This is where you can “sell yourself as a business, “we have this new product or service” and “the latest news on why you need this product” etc. Treat it more like a blog about your niche.
Other special pages: You can have pages like “our charity”, “Hot Special Products”, “events”, “Training” etc really this is only limited by your imagination, but you need to keep them to a minimum. Just remember that there are other social sites aswell.
Photos: You can have photos scattered throughout your website – relevant to your website and topic of conversation – just don’t over do it.
Video: The best thing is to have an introductory video (not a sales video) on your welcome or front page. You could have a sales video on your products or latest news page. It’s about getting the balance of video and other information right for your visitor.

Something to think about… especially when ordering a website from us. (after all, we need to know what information we need to include on your site !)



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