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Do Better Business With Legendary Value

This article is a continuation of the interview transcript with Anne Graham from and she has some magical tips for your business to move forward.

David:   Hello Anne. Thank you once again for your time. I really appreciate it.

Anne:    My pleasure.

David:   Last time, you were talking about innovation and invention. Let’s continue along those thoughts.

Anne:    I’ll give you a very simple example here. We all know that ball bearings are pretty boring products, right?

David:   Mostly, yes.

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Get Better Business With Legendary Value

Just because you are in business and you want to make, say, a million dollars, we have to ask ourselves why we are doing the things that we do. I’m here to ask you whether you can actually improve your business and whether you are on the right path. In this article, we will feature our conversation with a very special guest. She is Anne Graham from They are all about helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even medium to large scale businesses, to improve what they do through leveraging what they already have, and thriving using the tools that they’ve got available. I’m very excited to have this talk with her. So, have a look at our conversation and learn with us.

David:   Welcome Anne.

Anne:    Thank you very much David. It’s a pleasure.

David:   Same here. Now I noticed you’ve got a lot to offer in terms of small business development and entrepreneurial business development as well. Can you firstly explain how you got into this business and why you started?

Anne:    Absolutely, I’m delighted to do so. I actually started my career quite a long time ago with two big Fortune 500 companies. What was interesting for me there was that it didn’t really matter how hard or how long I worked, I was still one very small cog in a very big wheel. It was at that point that I decided that I would much prefer to work in smaller companies where you can actually get things done, with my eventual goal of being out on my own as an entrepreneur. So I spent the ten years after I left the fortune 500 really doing a lot of business turnaround for small and midsize businesses. Those are the businesses that have gotten themselves into trouble primarily because they weren’t looking after their customers, they were not watching their cashflow, and they were hurting. I figured out quite a number of things along the way, not because I’m brilliant but because I banged my head against the wall for several enough times that things finally made sense. If you ever see a photo of me, you’ll see a big flat spot on my forehead from all those days. I went there on my own, in the year 2000, and I have been working with small and medium sized companies ever since, basically helping them implement a lot of tools to help them get the most out of their businesses. All of us go into business because of something we absolutely love to do, and most of us end up getting trapped behind a desk or in really boring meetings, doing email all day, doing spreadsheets all day, and we kind of lose track of what it was that made business a lot of fun. So I always say that I would love to put some playback in your day. Well, we put some buck in your bottomline, and that’s what really drives me David. Read more »

The Reason Why You Become A Celebrity In Your Niche

In order to make a difference and develop more secrets in making money online, there is just so much potential and we need to unlock that vault. Today we’re speaking with Judy Cohen of Let’s go right through the issues, the know-how, and the action plan to get you to celebrity status in your niche. It is very exciting!

David: Welcome Judy, once again.

Judy: Hello! Thank you for having me.

David: Judy, we were talking about becoming famous and a hometown celebrity. We’ll continue along those lines.

Judy: I think that we can all become a little bit famous. We just find our little space and have our moment of fame and fortune.

David: What happens if you think that your business alignment or your business opportunity is not that great? What do you suggest for people to do when they think that they can’t really offer anything to other people?

Judy: Well, everybody has a story, so we should start by looking at your story. What are you good at? What have you done your whole life, because it really shaped who you are and what you offer? We all have something amazing to offer the world that’s unique to us, and when we find that, we should try to be as authentic as possible and not copy other people. We communicate our message and communicate it out loud because we all have something that we’re good at, and if we feel comfortable about that and if we’re passionate about that, it’ll come across when we speak about it to others. And we can build a business around that. But it’s really digging deep and seeing what you’re really passionate about, because it’ll be so much easier to speak about it than if you did something that really didn’t resonate with you. Read more »

Get Noticed And Become A Celebrity In Your Business Niche

Be the one to swim upstream and you’ll get to your destination. Just because everyone is swimming downstream, it does not mean that they’re going in the right direction.

In order to make a real difference and develop the secrets of making more money online, there is just so much potential and we need to unlock that vault, which leads us to today’s special guest who is one of the leading presentation experts in the Philadelphia area. The author of the great book, “Red-Hot Presentation: How to write and deliver a talk so that you get more clients, make more money, and become famous in your niche.” I would like to welcome, Judy Cohen.

Judy:     Hello! Thank you for having me David.

David:  It is great to have you here. Now, I noticed you were quite a celebrity, if I may use that term, and you’ve got a lot of things on your website which talks about being a celebrity.

Judy:     Yes. I think that we can all become a little bit famous, you know. We don’t just leave it to stars in Hollywood and throughout the world, but we can all find just our little space and have our moment of fame and fortune.

David:  Uh huh… And if we do that in the right direction, we’ll definitely attract some more people as well.

Judy:     Oh absolutely, because if we use speaking as our platform and get our expertise known in the world, we will attract a lot of attention. We want those raving fans coming for us and for all that we have to offer!

David:  Yes, that’s what we’re really after in business as well; making sure we can actually move forward and not be stagnant or just waiting for people to come knocking on our doors, but rather attracting them to ourselves.

Judy:     Absolutely, so we really need to be proactive with our own careers and position ourselves as the experts that we are, so that people will know what we have to offer.

David:  And nobody knows your business like yourself, so it’s up to us to make it happen.

Judy:     Yes, I totally agree.

David:  Okay… Now, you’ve got this book… which is Speaking Success Secrets… that people can actually grab from your site as well. Tell us a little bit about that.

Judy:     Yes, people can go on to my website and they can get a free copy of my book, “Speaking Success Secrets Revealed,” and it will tell them how to write a compelling talk that leads to an audience wanting to know more. And it’ll help them stay top of mind and get those raving fans that we were talking about, and become sought after in their area of expertise. So it’s really helpful information in terms of how to create a speech, craft it, and deliver it to really help them grow their business.

David:  Well that would be a great download actually. Can we ask… getting into this topic of red hot presentation, being the speaker that you’ve always dreamed to be, and etc… What actually made you get into this field in the first place? Read more »