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Get Noticed And Become A Celebrity In Your Business Niche

Be the one to swim upstream and you’ll get to your destination. Just because everyone is swimming downstream, it does not mean that they’re going in the right direction.

In order to make a real difference and develop the secrets of making more money online, there is just so much potential and we need to unlock that vault, which leads us to today’s special guest who is one of the leading presentation experts in the Philadelphia area. The author of the great book, “Red-Hot Presentation: How to write and deliver a talk so that you get more clients, make more money, and become famous in your niche.” I would like to welcome, Judy Cohen.

Judy:     Hello! Thank you for having me David.

David:  It is great to have you here. Now, I noticed you were quite a celebrity, if I may use that term, and you’ve got a lot of things on your website which talks about being a celebrity.

Judy:     Yes. I think that we can all become a little bit famous, you know. We don’t just leave it to stars in Hollywood and throughout the world, but we can all find just our little space and have our moment of fame and fortune.

David:  Uh huh… And if we do that in the right direction, we’ll definitely attract some more people as well.

Judy:     Oh absolutely, because if we use speaking as our platform and get our expertise known in the world, we will attract a lot of attention. We want those raving fans coming for us and for all that we have to offer!

David:  Yes, that’s what we’re really after in business as well; making sure we can actually move forward and not be stagnant or just waiting for people to come knocking on our doors, but rather attracting them to ourselves.

Judy:     Absolutely, so we really need to be proactive with our own careers and position ourselves as the experts that we are, so that people will know what we have to offer.

David:  And nobody knows your business like yourself, so it’s up to us to make it happen.

Judy:     Yes, I totally agree.

David:  Okay… Now, you’ve got this book… which is Speaking Success Secrets… that people can actually grab from your site as well. Tell us a little bit about that.

Judy:     Yes, people can go on to my website and they can get a free copy of my book, “Speaking Success Secrets Revealed,” and it will tell them how to write a compelling talk that leads to an audience wanting to know more. And it’ll help them stay top of mind and get those raving fans that we were talking about, and become sought after in their area of expertise. So it’s really helpful information in terms of how to create a speech, craft it, and deliver it to really help them grow their business.

David:  Well that would be a great download actually. Can we ask… getting into this topic of red hot presentation, being the speaker that you’ve always dreamed to be, and etc… What actually made you get into this field in the first place? Read more »

Why You Need To Have Your Own Website

The internet has provided us with several benefits that are extremely useful in today’s fast-paced world. This technology allows one to reach out to others within a matter of seconds, no matter how far apart they are. When it comes to online businesses, the worldwide web has provided a gateway in which everything can be sold and bought with just a click.

With the explosion brought about by internet marketing to the business world, all types of enterprises have enjoyed the more affordable costs of advertisements and information distribution. The interactive quality of the net has been of great use to business marketing through its ability to collect information in the fastest way possible. Additionally, internet marketing has brought together all the aspects of advertisement, creativity, sales, technicality, and product development.

As an online entrepreneur, you will be responsible for bringing in prospective customers by providing them with information on the company’s services and products through various internet venues. You will aid these clients in finding the products or services that they desire. And so, in order for you to do this, you need to have your own website. Read more »

Understand the Thing Your Customer Wants: Attract. Sell. Keep

In order to make a real difference in your business, in order to do something different as an entrepreneur, we explore the very secrets that enable you to move forward and to unlock the potential.

This article features the second part of our interview with Henry Feldman, of, and who helped us explore the very avenues of the entrepreneur, on how to do certain things, and how to unlock your potential. Read on and learn with us.

David:   I’m very excited to talk to you. Thanks for joining us once again Henry.

Henry:   Good to talk to you David.

David:   If you remember, last time we talked about the entrepreneur, how to market yourself, and open up those opportunities. Do you have any golden rules to achieving a richer life? You mentioned something about freeing yourself from your inner fears and the like. Can you go on a little bit further about that?

Henry:   Well, these are the obstacles you must eradicate in order to persist in your promotional efforts. If you are fearful, if you have biases against doing this, and if you have false notions about it, you will just sit comfortably in your comfort zone and you will not grow or achieve the kind of goals that you want to achieve.

David:   What about reclaiming the emotional energy that you spend on feelings of being powerless? I suppose it’s a matter of realizing there’s something better at the end of it?

Henry:   Absolutely. I’m one of those goal-striving people. I found that I would flop around and do a lot of wasteful things if I didn’t have a goal in mind. All during my life, I wrote business plans. They’re kind of short and to the point, and say, “What do you want to do? Why are you doing all this?” And I said, “Well, I want to succeed, there’s a certain amount of money that I want to make by being a financial planner, I need to reach a certain goal to maintain my standard of living…” This is a revelation that you don’t want to share with your audience but my folks divorced when I was five, and my mother was panicked about money. She was fearful that she would not be able to survive with my sister and me. And that actually set into my mind, so the idea of helping people has been my goal. By helping people, if you had that sense that what you’re doing is helpful, guess who gets the most benefit? It’s you!

David:   Yes, that’s right. You’ve got some other golden rules here. Do you mind if I quickly go through them with you?

Henry:   Not at all.

David:   Okay. You’ve got… Identify your last time goals and lay out a plan to achieve them, which you just mentioned about goal-setting and that sort of thing. Be courageous and leave your comfort zone, which we talked about earlier. Be genuinely curious about others, and I suppose that really reflects on just being a decent human being.

Henry:   I don’t know if this is the right word, if you don’t mind. I think that being curious is what it says. If I’m not interested in who you are, what you do, what your struggles are, and what your joys are, you’re never going to be curious about me. And the best book ever written on selling, I’m sure you have it in Australia, is Dale Carnegie’s famous book, How To Win Friends and Influence People.

David:   Yes, that’s definitely a good one. Read more »